I have more than 15 years experience as a journalist for newspaper, magazines and TV. Currently, I’m the Digital Content Editor for the National Writers Union. Over the last nine years, I’ve worked as an editor at ABILITY Magazine, a health-oriented publication, assigning articles to freelancers, editing copy, and writing stories. I’ve also written for the California Health Report website and magazine, and shot stories for the California Health Report TV series.

Here are links to some stories:

Maya Angelou
How to Throw a Life Long Party

4 Different Ways to be an Introvert

Diets That Can Wreck Your Health

Forgotten Faces of the Civil War

ABILITY Magazine
Twins with Lupus
Food Deserts

California Health Report
New Kidney, New Life
Teachers Who Make Housecalls
A Leg to Stand On: Joint Replacement Surgery
Dental Claims Denied

William Wrigley: From Chewing Gum to the Cubs

Written By (The Writers Guild Magazine)
The Cutting Edge

The Power of Play

California Health Report
Virtual Dental Home
Homeless Youth Struggle
A Day in the Life of a Kitchen Diva

A Store of Our Own

Public Service Announcement project
Never Go Hungry PSAs (password HAL04)

Personal Projects
10 Minutes in Watts (password Watts50)
Early Birds (Work in progress)

Books: Tenderheaded: A Comb Bending Collection of Hair Stories & Santa and Pete.


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