Morning Song

Morning Song Shoot
On location Beijing, China.

The script for “Morning Song,” a live-action short, was inspired by a scene I witnessed the first morning I arrived in Beijing in 2008:

Upwards of 100 people singing from songbooks under a tree.

Morning Song calligsChina’s parks fill up in the morning with retired people who exercise, do calligraphy, sing, play instruments and dance with abandon. 

Morning Song

Five years later that scene sprung to mind when I entered the Beijing International Screenwriting Competition. I won a grand prize, which came with a second trip to Beijing and $10,000 to shoot Morning Song.

With help from a local producer, I booked actors via Skype before arriving. We shot the film in Purple Bamboo Park, which was quite an adventure without permits (we tried!) and a largely Chinese cast and crew who spoke mostly Mandarin.

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